SkyNet Platforms is a public service providing Breaking News; and a forum for public-debate

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What is SkyNet?

SkyNet is a cloud-based technology platform that provides Breaking News paired with open public-forums for discussion — as a free service. This service is designed to ensure you have open-access to information that is of public interest. This includes mirroring and archiving public statements made by Government agencies and officials, public figures and private citizens.

Ad & Tracker Free

We do not use advertising or tracking code on our site; although some referenced or linked content may use such things. We purposely omit these harmful components to provide you with a service that runs fast and does not pose an undue resource burden on your devices, browsers, etc.

Psychological Harm

Censorship and Content Manipulation by Social Media platforms causes PSYCHOLOGICAL HARM. This has been repeatedly studied by ivy-league universities such as: Yale, Harvard, Princeton. This has also been studied by the Social Media companies themselves.

Election Steering & Interference

Many people use Social Media to interact with elected representatives and Government agencies, through public discourse. When a Social Media company interferes with such communications (as a matter of mere opinion) this constitutes Election Steering and Election Interference.

Defamation, Libel & Slander

Social Media platforms typically employ practices that fraudulently inform people that certain information is "misinformation", when in-fact it is not. They also engage in punitive adverse-account actions against targeted individuals who often are forced to delete their own content that they were allowed to post originally — or face a loss of access to their account. This malicious behavior is for the purpose of psychological manipulation through the use of propaganda and dis/misinformation; and often such activities are paid-for by undisclosed parties (including Government).

Censorship of Mere Opinion

Most Social Media and News sites censor and limit propagation of information that is Constitutionally protected by the 1st Amendment. SkyNet Platforms does not. It is NOT illegal to allow this kind of information (including public-forum discussions), however these social media companies do so for partisan, political and material gain — often for the purposes of self-enrichment, and to the extent that they commit fraud by way of deceptive practices that do NOT conform to their publicly stated polices (TOU, TOS, Community Guidelines, etc).